Cable Oil Purification

Cable oil is used for the impregnation of paper insulation of cables and for filling oil-filled cables with voltage up to 35 kV.


It is important that cable oil should be more thoroughly cleaned, and should have good dielectric properties — low dielectric loss tangent, high resistance to gas ionized by an electric field (gas resistance), and stable electrical properties with prolonged heating.


GlobeCore technology promotes the regeneration of special insulating oils!


Liquid dielectrics are widely used in electrical equipment. The basic types of insulating oils are:

  • Transformer oil
  • Cable oil
  • Condenser oil.


Liquid dielectrics fill the interior of power transformers, reactors, switches, capacitors, cables and other electrical devices. These oils saturate the porous insulation winding, which consists of cardboard and other porous insulation materials. In oil circuit breakers, the dielectric fluid not only insulates the conductive parts, but also acts as a medium for extinguishing the electric arc caused by the contacts of the circuit breakers.

Cable Oil Grades

For power cables, depending on the voltage, design and application, the following types of cable oils and connections are used.


CO-22 cable oil is the impregnating and insulating medium in oil-filled cables. The oil has good dielectric properties: low tangent of dielectric loss angle, high resistance to gas ionized by an electric field (gas resistance) and stability of electrical properties during prolonged heating. Oil CO-22 is obtained by selective solvent cleaning. This oil contains no additives. Oil is intended for impregnation of paper insulation of power cables with voltage of 1-35 kV with.


  • Kinematic viscosity, mm2 / c at a temperature of 100 ° С, not less: 22.0
  • Acid number, mg KOH / g, not more than: 0.03
  • Flash point in a closed crucible, ° С, not lower than 2700


As we can see, cable oil has better properties than other insulating oils: it has good dielectric properties and viscosity. Therefore, the requirements for oil regeneration equipment are increasing. We offer a complete individual solution GlobeCore for cable oil purification in the form of a mobile station CMM-1CO.

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